Specialty Contact Lenses

For those patients who need something more than the average disposable lens, we also do a variety of specialty contacts. Your Doctor will take a specific set of measurements to design your custom lenses. We work with scleral, hybrid, and bifocal RGP lenses, as well as many lenses for irregular and post-surgical needs. Each of these is designed to accommodate a particular issue, and if you have a medical history that has kept you from contacts in the past they may give you a new solution.

We are committed to providing a custom lens that meets our high visual acuity and comfort standards. The eyes that require these specialty lenses are unique, and these lenses can often require more time to design and fit. We, therefore, ask for your patience throughout this process as we believe your vision quality is worth the wait!

Learn more about these lenses below, or call to schedule a consultation today!

Learn More Scleral Lenses

Learn More About Hybrid Lenses

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