Our trained opticians will work together with your doctor to ensure that you get the best lens for your prescription, and our in-house laboratory services ensure that you receive your new glasses in a timely manner. This also allows us to put new lenses into your current frame without having to send your glasses off, so you never have to be without your frames!

We are able to provide a wide range of lens designs at competitive prices. Here are just a few of the lens options we can offer our patients.

In-House Lenses

We are pleased to offer same-day services for most single vision prescriptions in either Polycarbonate, Trivex, or 1.60 hi-index plastic material. If you need glasses made quickly, ask us if your prescription is eligible for our same day services!

Digital 5.0 Flex SV and Progressive

The days of limited frame choice for patients with difficult prescriptions are over. Digital 5.0 is the next generation of digitally surfaced lenses. Beyond just the latest advancement in lens technology, it is the fusion of form, flexibility, unsurpassed visual acuity, and personalized comfort. Digital 5.0 is engineered to redefine what is possible in customized eyewear for both Single Vision and Progressive lenses. It’s the result of using the latest digital technology, proprietary lens design algorithms, and the most sophisticated fabrication processes.

Digital 5.0 Flex Single Vision

The Flex Single Vision lens provides you with optimal visual acuity with edge-to-edge clarity while allowing us to order the perfect base curve for the eyeglass frame chosen in the as worn position. Digital 5.0 lenses are individually crafted Freeform lenses, and take into consideration the wearer position, pantoscopic tilt of the frame, wrap angle of high base curve eyewear, and vertex distance. The result is a lens that will look and perform at a level previously believed impossible.

Digital 5.0 Progressive

For every Digital 5.0 Progressive lens the corridor length, design, and base curve are perfectly optimized to a patient’s choice of frame, individual prescription, and lifestyle needs. The proprietary design software behind Digital 5.0 lenses produces surfaces with a local curvature that compensates for peripheral aberrations. It also provides unsurpassed visual freedom in the intermediate and near zones. So, the actual fabricated prescription is modified from the prescribed prescription to provide enhanced optics.

Shamir Relax

The Fatigue Relief Lens

Do you spend a lot of time on a digital device? Do you ever go home with headaches or tired eyes after a long day at the office? Shamir’s newest lens, Shamir Relax can help you feel energized at the end of your workday and is designed for individuals, not in need of a true progressive or bifocal lens.

Shamir Relax-no it’s not a lens infused with caffeine and it doesn’t come with a lifetime supply of coffee either. But it does ease the strain normally associated with prolonged accommodation. If you spend the majority of your workday reading or using a computer to complete tasks, the muscles in your eyes are consistently working to focus on these near and mid-range objects, ultimately resulting in visual fatigue. With Shamir Relax, scientists have incorporated extra ADD Power in the lower part of the lens, so the eye muscles don’t have to work as hard at the accommodation. It’s a fatigue relief lens that relieves strain on the eye muscles and will leave you feeling more energized and relaxed at the end of the day.

Shamir Computer & Shamir WorkSpace

Keeping the office in perfect focus

We all have different responsibilities while at work, so to ensure you have the best visual solution for your day-to-day tasks scientists have determined that it’s important to understand how much you need to see at work.

Ergonomics and your vision

Computer Vision Syndrome affects 80% of computer users. If you suffer from headaches, neck aches, backaches, eye strain, or fatigue at work, then you fall into this group! So what’s the best solution for you? Do you need to see wide and clear so you can see all of the items on your desk? Or do you need to see a little bit further away?

Shamir Computer

When you’re focused on your immediate surroundings.

Don’t let the name fool you, Shamir’s Computer lens is perfect for any task performed within 5ft. Providing a wide field of near and intermediate vision, the Computer is the lens for you if you concentrate on paperwork, work with small tools, or stare at a computer for the majority of your day. Shamir Computer offers a far greater depth of field than that offered by conventional reading glasses.

Shamir WorkSpace

When you need clear vision here and there.

Shamir WorkSpace is the best solution when your work priorities are both mid-distance and near viewing. It offers a greater depth of field, up to 10ft. This advanced, high-quality lens allows you to have sharp vision whether you need to focus on your desk, across the room, or while moving around within your workspace.

Shamir Duo

A New Visual Harmony

Everyone likes to look their best, including those who choose to wear bifocals. The visible line across lines bifocals, generally seen as an age marker, gives the lens an undesirable look. At the same time, it compromises visual comfort by creating a disturbing image jump.

To overcome these disadvantages, Shamir has developed a new bifocal lens design-Shamir Duo. An advanced Freeform lens, Shamir Duo offers surface continuity, eliminating the image jump and loss of image. By eliminating these problems associated with traditional bifocal lenses, Shamir Duo maintains a natural, distortion-free visual path as the eye moves from one vision zone to another. Now with Shamir Duo, there is no need to compromise either on appearance or on visual comfort.

Shamir Golf Progressive

Focusing on what’s important on the green

If you’re a golfer and you’ve been wondering why your game has been subpar, there’s a good chance it’s because of your glasses. Standard progressive lenses are designed for everyday use and are not optimized for the golf course. Did you know that you focus on three crucial focal points while on the green? Yep, the scorecard in your hand, the ball at your feet, and the green in the distance.

Shamir Golf is a Freeform lens designed to ensure you experience the perfect game. The three zones of vision are specifically tailored to meet the needs of golfers to maximize your viewing and provide sharp focus without distortion in these crucial areas. It is also the first Golf lens designed with a stable mid-range zone to ensure the ball on the ground can be seen clearly so that you will have an accurate drive or putt.

Shamir Autograph III Progressive

A New Visual Experience

The world around us may not look the same through a pair of glasses. That’s because lenses are not optimized for our prescription. Based on a groundbreaking new concept in lens design, the Shamir Autograph III is a balanced progressive lens, holistically adapted to the patient’s prescription to ensure that you see objects with a “real world view.”

The Autograph III is also ergonomically designed to allow wearers more comfort in reading. A standard progressive lens has a reading area set in the same spot for everyone, while in Autograph III the reading area is located in the most optimal position for your eyes. We can determine where the best position for the reading area is based on your prescription, which means no more shifting and moving your head to try to find that sweet spot.

In addition, the Autograph III has been enhanced for viewing those digital devices you use on a daily basis, like your smartphone, tablet, and e-reader, in a comfortable and natural position.

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